Miss Wisconsin Youth Entertainer

Wisconsin's Premiere Drag Teen



Nemo is Wisconsin’s Premiere drag teen and has been crowned Miss Wisconsin Youth Entertainer 2022.


Nemo started performing drag at the age of 14 in 2020 by making her own videos posted to IG and YouTube. In 2021 Nemo started performing live and has been featured in over 20 shows including shows with Trinity the Tuck and Joey Jay. Nemo has produced her own shows at both “Five Nightclub” and “This Is It” in Wisconsin and has traveled to Denver to perform as part of the documentary series Generation Drag which will air this summer on Discovery Plus. 


At the age of 16, Nemo is known for blending theater, dance and contortion. As a member of
the trans community, Nemo is passionate about activism and uses her voice to fight for equality for the Trans Youth community. Nemo has been featured in “Our Lives Magazine”, “Capital Times” and “Comic Sands”.




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